Sunset Drive Sanitary Sewer Project

Posted on Thursday May 12, 2022
As a part of Lake County’s Capital Improvement Program, Lake County Public Works (LCPW) will be replacing sanitary sewer pipes located along Sunset Drive from Long Lake Drive to just north of Beachview Drive.

Utility service in the area is not expected to be impacted as there are no direct service connections to this sanitary sewer. Residents may observe equipment, truck traffic, workers, periodic lane closures, and equipment noise during construction. The intersection of Sunset Drive and Long Lake Drive is anticipated to be closed for 3-4 days at the start of the project 

Information on any road closures will be posted in advance.

Construction is expected to start in mid-June and be completed in approximately three months, weather dependent. Any disturbed areas will be repaired in a timely manner.

LCPW is proactive in maintaining its infrastructure and one method to ensure continued service and eliminate potential environmental impacts is by rehabilitating sanitary sewer

pipes. For more information, visit the project  website at: