Fiscal Transparency

The Village of Round Lake’s top priority is to ensure government transparency to our residents and the public. We strive to handle all municipal matters in an accountable, ethical, and responsible manner. To accomplish this we have assembled the below information in accordance with The Illinois Policy Institute's 10-Point Transparency Checklist.

  1. Contact Information 
  2. Public Meetings 
  3. Public Records 
  4. Budgets 
  5. Audits 

  6. Expenditures  
  7. Compensation 
  8. Contracts 
  9. Lobbying
    The Village of Round Lake does not directly engage in lobbying. However, various members of the Village staff have paid memberships with professional organizations. These organizations may or may not engage in lobbying on their own.

  10.  Taxes 

  11. Capital Improvement Plan - Fiscal Year Ended 2023 - 2028