Mosquito Abatement


As the weather gets warmer, inevitably, mosquitos join us for some summer fun. To help combat these pesky bugs, the Village contracts with Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. for mosquito control, which includes:

  • Survey and mapping       
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Larval control       
  • Adult control

Much of the control activity is focused on "pre-hatch" treatment, killing the mosquito larvae before they hatch. These activities include: treating wetlands breeding areas, using public and private catch basin applications, releasing mosquito fish into select lakes, and monitoring of mosquito levels from light traps.

Spraying is done for the entire community. The nuisance mosquito levels around town will vary. Heavily wooded or marshy areas are more prone to mosquito activity.  Clarke Mosquito performs  Village-wide spray application in the late evening, as needed to reduce the mosquito population during the months of June through September.

It is difficult to provide advance notice of spraying. However, depending on the amount of advance notice we receive, we will use the Village website to notify the community. The decision to spray is based on a number of factors including: light trap levels, nuisance complaints, and weather conditions. If you would like to be notified prior to spraying, please contact the Mosquito Hotline at (800) 942-2555 and asked to be placed on the “Prior Notification” list for the Village.

Preventative Measures for Residents

While the Village continues its effort to reduce the mosquito population, the most important thing individual residents can do is take preventative measures to reduce the impact of mosquitoes on their property. In any given season mosquito levels can vary depending, primarily, on weather conditions. While the Village does take steps to reduce mosquito levels, many areas nearby and outside the Village do not which can contribute to higher levels of mosquitos. The Village's services are meant to be in addition to abatement activities undertaken by homeowners and businesses on their private property. Such activities include:

  • Minimize standing water that serves as breeding sites, such as lids, cans, jars, or old tires.
  • Keep shrubs, lawns, and weeds trimmed to eliminate hiding places for adult mosquitoes.
  • Fill in or drain any low places in your yard (puddles, ruts, etc.).
  • Clean and maintain gutters and downspouts.
  • Empty and clean bird baths and small wading pools weekly.
  • Engage services of mosquito control specialists.

 Prevent Mosquito Bites

To help prevent mosquito bites:

  • Use insect repellent
  • Avoid being outdoors at dawn and dusk
  • Wear light colored clothing and long sleeves
  • Use the preventative measures listed above

If you think you may have a mosquito breeding area on your property, please contact the Clarke Mosquito Hotline at 1-800-942-2555. Additional information regarding mosquito control and Clarke Environmental can be found at: Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc.