The Village Hall is now open to public, however, the Village still encourages residents, business owners and contractors, to handle as much Village business over the phone or online as possible. To submit a business license application, please email all required documentation to [email protected], send by mail, or place in the drop box located in front of Village Hall. 

**TEMPORARY OUTDOOR SEATING** We understand that Covid-19 has closed or dramatically slowed business operations.  In an effort to re-open and restore business, the Village of Round Lake is granting temporary outdoor seating to restaurants and bars, even in areas that typically would not qualify for outdoor seating like parking lots.  (Bars are allowed outdoor seating only if they also previously had a license from the Health Department to serve food in their establishment.)  Written permission from the property owner if you wish to add outdoor seating in the parking lot is required.  If you are interested in having outdoor seating, please review the regulations and complete the application and return with all the required information. There is no fee for this application.  The application for Temporary Outdoor Seating is below. 

The Village of Round Lake is committed to attracting new businesses while also fostering the success of our existing businesses. Because each business establishment located in Round Lake affects the physical and economic well-being of the Village, all new businesses are required to obtain a Business License prior to opening. 

Many businesses and professions, such as day care centers and beauty salons, are regulated by and/or require licenses from the State of Illinois. These professions must still register with the Village and obtain a Certificate of Compliance prior to engaging in business. 

While starting a business can be exciting and challenging, the Village of Round Lake is here to help you through the process!  

Food Vendor Renewal
Home Occupation Solicitor
Liquor Taxi
Outdoor Event Vending Machines
Outdoor Seating Video Gaming
**Temporary Outdoor Seating