The Business License year runs May 1st to April 30th.  A renewal form and invoice are sent electronically to the business email address on file and must be returned on or before April 30th. Upon receipt of renewal, the license is mailed to the business address. 

Fees for renewal shall be the annual License fee for the Business and/or Liquor License, plus any Vending, Outdoor Seating, etc. license fees applicable.

Annual life safety inspections are required. Community Development will remind you of your inspection during the winter months.  The inspections are not at a set time and will take place Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm. If you prefer to schedule your inspection for a set date and time, please contact Community Development. 

If you no longer operate your business or you would like to close your business in the Village of Round Lake, please notify Community Development. Please keep in mind the Village will not close your account automatically.